18 Great Uses For Coconut Oil

18 Great Uses For Coconut Oil

In recent years coconut oil has become a highly popular pantry staple. Promoted as a healthier alternative to other oils, it has become widely used in homes everywhere. Wondering what all it is good for? Here are 18 Great Uses For Coconut Oil that include things you know and expect as well as random uses that may surprise you. File this away for future use when wondering what you will do with that gallon jar you purchased at the club store.

18 Great Uses For Coconut Oil



  1. Baking – Use as an exact substitute for any oil when baking.
  2. Pulling – Pulling for teeth whitening and gum health has become a popular thing in recent years.
  3. Massage Oil – Natural, moisturizing and pleasantly scented this makes a perfect massage oil
  4. Prevent Stretch Marks – Rub on your belly during pregnancy to help the skin not become marked. Also great for helping to fade existing marks.
  5. Diaper Cream – A thin layer of cocount oil on a baby’s bottom can help prevent diaper rash or help encourage healing in existing rash.
  6. Ring Worm – Combine with tea tree oil for quick and fast relief for ring worm.
  7. Frying – With a higher smoke point than other oils, coconut oil works great as an agent to fry your favorite foods in. Perfect for donuts and sweet treats.
  8. Moisturizing Skin – Used alone or mixed with other oils/butters and essential oils it’s a great natural alternative to lotions and body butters
  9. Salt & Sugar Scrubs – Recipes abound all over the Internet for great salt or sugar scrubs that include a base of coconut oil for moisturizing
  10. Yeast Infections – Used both internally as a supplement and externally as a treatment of symptoms Coconut Oil has great anti fungal qualities (check with physician prior to use)
  11. Head Lice – Many cases have stated that coconut oil effectively suffocates live lice and destroys nits for easy and natural lice removal
  12. Lip Balm – A small amount on lips can moisturize and protect from the sun as well as prevent chapping
  13. Hair Conditioner – Massage a small amount into hair and leave in for 7-10 minutes before rinsing.
  14. Shaving Cream – A light layer of coconut oil helps soften skin and allow the razor to glide easily removing hair.
  15. Makeup Remover – Great for cleaning off oil based makeups
  16. Furniture Polish – Use a small amount on a cloth to help shine your wood pieces
  17. Natural SPF 4 Sunscreen – Coconut Oil has been rated as a natural SPF 4 Sunscreen. Make sure to take proper precautions as needed but remember it is a great base.
  18. Treat Athlete’s Foot – Rub daily on feet and between toes to use it’s natural anti-fungal agent as a cure for athlete’s foot (and get softer feet in the process).
  19. Bug Bites – Mix with a bit of lavender essential oil for a great bug bite remedy for healing and to prevent itching.

No matter what uses for coconut oil you decide are good for your family, there are surely some great ways you can put this awesome product to use in your home. With its rising popularity and many health benefits adding a jar to your pantry is a wise choice. You never know when you’ll be able to put a little dab of coconut oil to use!

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  1. I actually had bought some coconut oil for my dogs and never used it as of yet. I went to make brownies and didn’t have any oil so I used coconut oil, worked like a charm! I just wish it wud of gave the brownies a little bit of a coconut taste!

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