10 Pros and Cons: Does It Make Sense To Move to Utah?

10 Pros and Cons: Does It Make Sense To Move to Utah?

Maybe you are thinking about moving to Utah this year. There are certainly some valid reasons for doing so. However, there are also some possible drawbacks.

You can find many homes for sale in Utah, but before giving them serious consideration, let’s discuss a few of the pros and cons that go along with moving to this state.

It’s Beautiful

We’ll start with some pros. If you move to Utah, you should find it to be stunningly beautiful. There are gorgeous vistas all around you regardless of what part of the state you find yourself in.

It’s an Outdoor Mecca

There are also many things to do outdoors in Utah. You should find many public parks and trails you can explore. There are lakes you can fish in and mountains you can tackle if you’re feeling adventurous.

There’s a Thriving Job Market

Utah has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. If you’re looking for work, that should get your attention. In particular, you should do well if you have experience in the energy, technology, or healthcare sectors.

The Economy is Booming

Utah also has the top-rated economy in the US at the moment. The GDP is growing there at a rate that is not surpassed by any other state. The pandemic also had much less effect there than it did in some other states.

There Are Winter Sports to Enjoy

If you like winter sports, there are few states as enjoyable as Utah. You can ski and try snowboarding. You can even attempt something like ice fishing.

It’s Dry

Now, let’s talk about some cons. For one thing, Utah is dry. There’s hardly any rainfall, and you feel that dryness in the air every day. Your skin and lips might get chapped, and you’ll need to moisturize constantly.

There is Very Little Diversity

You might also notice a distinct lack of diversity in Utah. The population is overwhelmingly Caucasian at close to 80%. If you have no problem with that, you won’t look at this as a drawback, but if you want to live somewhere with lots of different racial representation, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Housing Costs More Than Many Other States

The housing market isn’t great in Utah in terms of overall cost. In fact, it has the eighth-highest cost for a home of any US state. The median home price in the state is close to $600K at the moment, and many people simply can’t afford that.

You’ll Need to Watch Out for Wildfires

Because the state is so dry, you need to be aware of wildfires during the summer. They happen every year, and this region is liable to see even more of them as climate change continues.

Low Salaries

The unemployment rate in Utah may be low, but so are salaries. The average salary is just under $50K per year. That’s not going to get you very far if you want to buy a home.

Consider all these factors before you move.

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