10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions

Most people visit Wisconsin Dells to spend a week in the water sliding down larger-than-life water slides, playing in spray pools, and more. But, there’s more to Wisconsin Dells than just waterparks. The south-central Wisconsin area is located among scenic natural attractions, such as forests and waterways. So, while you may want to spend a day in the water, Wisconsin Dells offers much more to explore. Be sure to use this list of Wisconsin Dells attractions to start planning your next adventure.

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions - Timbavati Wildlife Park

Timbavati Wildlife Park

Whether you hop aboard the safari train ride or walk through the attractions, Timbavati Wildlife Park is home to more than 400 animals. A walk through Timbavati Wildlife Park takes you along the waterfalls and its birds, such as flamingos, lions and other big cats, as well as spider monkeys. A ride on the Safari Train, on the Old Dells Engine No. 9, takes you among ostrich, antelope, and even rhinoceros. Hop off the train and see giraffes and camels up close, where you can feed them.

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions - Timber Falls Adventure Park

Timber Falls Adventure Park

With water roaring over waterfalls, you may never find a more beautiful spot in the country to play miniature golf. With three 18-hole courses, Timber Falls Adventure Park offers fun and challenging courses for the entire family. With trees racing for the sky, you may never play at a shaded course like this one. A short walk from downtown Wisconsin Dells, the golf course is a perfect break from other tourist attractions. While at the park, small children (OK, adults, too) will want to explore the petting zoo, home to small goats and more. Thrill seekers will love riding the Skyscraper, taking them 160 feet in the air at 60 mph.

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions - Mirror Lake State Park

Mirror Lake State Park

Enjoy a hike through the beautiful Mirror Lake Pine Oak Forest among the mature pine and oak trees. Traveling through the wooded area at Mirror Lake State Park, you may be fortunate enough to observe wildlife such as deer, muskrats, red foxes, mink, and coyotes. As you traverse through the marshes, woodlands, and along lakeshores, enjoy the beauty and watch for the variety of birds calling the area home.

Seth Peterson Cottage

Designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the Seth Peterson Cottage was the last building in Wisconsin he worked on. In his 90s at the start of the project, Wright passed away shy of its completion. A small house about 900 square feet, the cottage stage on a steep bluff above Mirror Lake. With a sandstone foundation, the roof appears unsupported. Inside, a combination of stone walls and open windows creates a beautiful home, with majestic views of the surrounding area.

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions - Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

With about 175 interactive exhibits, it’s easy to spend the day at Tommy Bartlett Exploratory. From exploring static electricity to lifting a car with ease, kids of all ages will have fun at the science center. With a Russian Space Station MIR module, it’s easy to feel like you’re in outer space.

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions - Wizard Quest

Wizard Quest

You can channel your inner Merlin as you navigate Wizard Quest. Successfully completing the family-friendly interactive game requires answering questions and solving riddles to free your wizard. The 13,000-square foot labyrinth takes your team through secret passages, hidden rooms, and a maze of mirrors as you make your way to the top of the castle. Celebrate your victory with a ride down a slide from the castle top.

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions - International Crane Foundation

International Crane Foundation

As the only location to see all 15 species of the world’s cranes, the International Crane Foundation seeks to protect the majestic birds and their ecosystems. With cranes such as the whooping crane, facing extinction due to low numbers, visitors can learn how they affect the birds’ lives and what can be done to help their environments. As you enjoy a hike along the nature trails you can also see other birds calling the center home.

Dells Boat Tours

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Dells from the comfort of a tour boat. Passing cliffs stretching skyward, exploring hidden canyons, and more, Dells Boat Tours showcase the natural beauty of the region. Boat tours include shore landings at Witches Gulch and Stand Rock, where you can explore the area. For a scary experience, check out Dells Ghost Boat tours, where you’ll cruise along cliffs, eerie rock formations, all in the dark, illuminated only by moonlight. Explore a haunted forest during the boat’s shore landing.

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions - Ripley's Believe It or Not

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

With 200 exhibits in 11 galleries on three floors, Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a tour through the bizarre and freaky. From art created with toast crumbs to a shrunken head, visitors are in for a fun experience. Explore the tunnels of King Tut’s temple.

10 Must See Wisconsin Dells Attractions - Circus World

Circus World

Ever dream of becoming a trapeze artist? Clown? How about a ring Master (aren’t most moms already this?)? At Circus World, you can learn about the history of the circus through artifacts, posters, and more. Take in the sights of century-old organs, long a key part of any circus, entertaining guests and setting the scene for many death-defying acts, such as the high wire shows. Then, sit back and enjoy your own circus, as some of the best performers entertain visitors with animal shows, unicycle rides, and high wire acts. And there are clowns!

Whether you’re a waterpark fan or enjoy exploring the area, a visit to Wisconsin Dells offers more than 100 attractions. From miniature golf to the circus, a trip to Wisconsin Dells offers a fun adventure for everyone.

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