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Get Active: Chicago Outdoor Adventures

Life, and a visit, in Chicago can get pretty hectic and busy if you let it. Taking the time off to get ouside, get active and have some fun usually take a lot of planning. Never fear, Chicago outdoor adventures can be spontaneous and you can find some adventure right in the heart of the city when […]

A Family Adventure in Gulf County, Florida

This post brought to you by Visit Gulf County. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Motherhood Defined. When selecting a family travel destination, a Florida vacation is almost always requested from at least two of our six. Of course being the mom I am, I tend to side with the children and lean […]

10 Great Places To Visit In St. Louis

When you are traveling through the Midwest there is one destination that is a must see for everyone. St. Louis, Missouri is known as the gateway to the West. Not only is it full of great American History, it is one of those cities where you find culture and fun at nearly every corner. While […]

Best Drives Thru the South

The South is full of culture, amazing food, and a lot of adventure. Whether you have time for only a quick day trip or a weekend getaway, you have to try these Best Drives Through the South. Louisville to Nashville This is a good three hour drive that is easy to do. What makes this […]